info about Kilimanjaro

"Kilimanjaro- Poland"

"Kilimanjaro Climbing and Mountaineering School" was founded by Waldek Niemiec in 2003 after 20 years of experience as a climbing instructor. In 2014 Piotr Sztaba joined the company to help manage growing numbers of students and courses.

Years of experience have shown how difficult this profession is and therefore we only employ the best instructors with qualities that exceed formal requirements. We believe that our role as instructors is to teach self-reliance in the mountains in a challenging, but safe environment” says Waldek

Our school has a lot of experience in teaching and training people to the highest standards. We want you to gain practical knowledge and have a first class experience in climbing and mountaineering. Every year we train several hundred students on different types of courses through the "Kilimanjaro school". We run many expeditions and treks around the world to stunning destinations.

Waldek has the highest mountaineering qualifications in Poland, which are recognised around the world. He qualified through a long process on several courses run by the Polish Mountaineering Association. He has several badges and awards for teaching and instructing in alpine climbing, big wall climbing, winter climbing and in traditional and sport climbing.

He says:"I have learned the hard way. For many years, shadowing and assisting in climbing courses. I have gathered tips and “know-how” from many great Polish instructors. Now you can see the result of this experience and knowledge on my courses".

He started climbing when he was fifteen. Since then, he has climbed more than a thousand routes in the Tatra Mountains in the summer and winter. He has established some amazing first ascents there. In the Alps and Dolomites, he spent several seasons climbing impressive walls and repeating some classic climbs. Subsequently, he went to Africa and established routes on the great walls of Kanga Tongo in Mali. Waldek is in love with Africa and that's why he named his climbing school ”Kilimanjaro”. He has travelled and climbed all over the world in the Atlas, Patagonia, Himalayan and Caucus mountains.

Before becoming a qualified alpine instructor of the Polish Mountaineering Association, Piotr had over 25 years of extensive experience climbing in the Tatra Mountains, Dolomites and Alps, Pamir, Karakoram, Rocky Mountains, Atlas Mountains, Scotland and Wales, Zion, Moab and Indian Creek, Black Canyon and in the most popular rock destination in Europe. He did many first ascents of the most difficult ice and rock routes in the Tatra Mountains for which he was nominated several times for an award for great achievement. In addition to climbing, which gives him the ultimate joy he likes ski touring, but above all being in the wild mountains in places far away from civilisation. Being close to nature gives him the real strength to live.

He says:“I can climb and I climb a lot. In the last 25 years, I have spent over 1000 days rock climbing and mountaineering around the world. Sometimes I come back in glory, sometimes defeated, but I never had any serious accident and neither have any of my partners, which pleased me very much.”

He is qualified as a Master of Physiotherapy. Several years of working away from climbing in the Pathways Company as a head of a project gave him the key experience of working with people in difficult situations, which has paid pay off in his current job as a climbing instructor specialising in alpine climbing and mountaineering. His qualifications are the highest in Poland and are recognised around the world. He learnt English and culture when he climbed in Scotland and Wales and during a two-year period living in Boulder, Colorado. He is happily married and the father of Alice in Wonderland :).